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SELCON was created from a group of professionals specialized in project, manufacturing and implantation of systems and equipments in the industrial automation sector.

Since it was created, in January 1987, this group has been working in the development and improvement of equipments in the flame burner security line, of several kinds and fuels.

SELCON launched in the market a new product line in the production data supervision sector-SLPR. This line arose from the necessity of the target market in receiving accurate and fast information, of production data, looking for bigger efficiency in production processes.

With improvements and the natural technological development, including client suggestions, this equipment line has became a system, with supply of various kinds of accessories, software, etc., named “Production Data Supervising System – MCDPR”.


R. Américo Samarone, 502 - 04284-000 - São Paulo - SP - Brasil
Phone number: 55 11 3019-1616 -


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