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Manufacture and commercialize equipments and electronic systems for industrial automation, aiming market expectations, with the supply of quality products and services, improvement of equipments technology, service and client satisfaction, respect for the environment, looking for social and country development, as well as reaching the best profitability for the company and partners.

Become an excellence company in manufacturing equipments and electronic systems for industrial automation, in the sectors to which it dedicates or will dedicate in the future.
Stand out by the use of advanced technology to improve and create value for all its partners, people’s development, total quality and client satisfaction.


  • Our business decisions and behavior will always be ruled by ethics, towards client relationship, suppliers, investors, government and society in general.
  • The ethical principles we practice in our relationships are: honesty, respect to people and to the law, responsibility and transparency.
  • We do not perform operations considered irregular or any kind of bootlegging.
  • We do not use our function or professional position to get personal benefits or coercive practice, or the use of doubtful office hours to put the company in advantage in the market.
  • We do not act intending to intimidate or embarrass, the job is performed in teams as well as individual characteristics are taken under consideration.
  • Our commitment is with the excellence in all our actions; responsible relations with our clients, suppliers, collaborators, partners, and community.



  • Respect to the human being, developing trust relations and responsibility with the community and environment.
  • Discipline and transparency to achieve the goals.
  • Client service excellence, one of the distinction and competitive points of the company, searching innovation, boldness, and the creativity in the elaboration of products and services.
  • Honesty and integrity.
  • Learning and constant improvement, aiming the goals surpass.
  • Capacity of quick assimilation of technical evolutions, aiming the quality and excellence in all company’s aspects.
  • Invest in the personal development of its collaborators and partners.


R. Américo Samarone, 502 - 04284-000 - São Paulo - SP - Brasil
Phone number: 55 11 3019-1616 -


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